Residence for Two Architects

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The site occupies land transitioning between unbuilt wetlands and a suburban development in Spokane, Washington. The design intention was to create a comfortable, casual living environment compatible with the neighborhood and respectful of the land.

Rather than taking the typical approach of pushing a domesticated 'suburban' landscape into the wild land, we took the opposite approach, pulling native plant material back into the development. The site is now richly populated by a diversity of wildlife, including mating pairs of waterfowl who dwell here seasonally.

The architecture represents an interpretation of the Shingle Style - the only architectural style native to the United States - chosen for its blend of modernist rigor and traditional warmth. Interiors follow this parti, using thoughtfully detailed warm materials throughout.

A natural spring on the land provides a constant flow of water at a constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This water, along with a wealth of boulders harvested from excavation, was reworked to create a series of cascading ponds linked by a stream the home bridges over. The largest pond is both a delightful swimming hole and ideal environment for schools of Koi.